How do you explain this to a potential employer?

That the reason you never stayed at a job for long

and found it hard having a job description

or why you never knew how to answer the “purpose” or “5 years time” question

or why you don’t have a particular ‘set of skills‘…

is because maybe you’re just okay with being a Catalyst.

or so you think.


😀 😀



There’s always something behind that action you took

or are about to take.

Why are you working where you are working?

Why are you in that relationship?

Why do you want to become the President or go into politics?

Some motives are good, some bad., making a difference, sex, envy, love, etc..

Sometimes, we deceive ourselves on our true motives.

BUT one thing is sure, we are NOT ignorant of our motives.

Search yourself. Watch that motive.


And the Year was 2012 (Guest post by Jaycee)

[Today’s guest post comes from JAYCEE. Jaycee is the interesting writer and blogger at Thank you Jaycee. Do enjoy it.]

I had a whimsical dream about 2012. In the dream my distant cousin finally found her husband after seven years of searching for the right man. Seven long years of seeking advice, getting it, dating men, getting heart broken, weeping, and laughing again. Seven long years of blue jeans, picnics, walks in the park, laughter, fights, rolling of eyes, and long-distant minutes. He was right there under her nose the whole time. The entire extended family traveled to Italy to witness the big destination wedding.

I also dreamed that in 2012 I got my doctorate degree, an acclaimed Ph.D in biomedical science. I was standing in the midst of ten guys and I was the only female waiting for the big handshake. My younger sister was grinning from ear to ear, and  both of my parents had their cameras ready. Two cameras for one event, hey, I ain’t complaining! It was ecstatic moment.

In the same dream of 2012 we headed back home and had a party to celebrate this pinnacle of my success. But while we were dancing, something happened. CNN reported that  a trail of earthquakes had just began. It was like a chain reaction: it started in China, then North Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Bhutan, Laos, and now it was shaking the whole Vietnam. Scientists were telling people to pack their bags all over the world and to keep  their eyes and ears open. No one could accurately predict how far the mutilations of the earth would go. So we turned off the music and began to pack our essentials.

In that dream of 2012, some men began to knock viciously on our front door. Knock, Knock, Knock. “Open up this minute,” one of them shouted. My Father looked at me. “Go and check to see who those people are.” I looked back at him as if to say I did not believe he was sending me downstairs at this time. The look on his face repeated what he said, “Go now.”

So in the dream of 2012 I tip-toed down our great spiral staircase. “We, the United States Government, order you to open up this door this minute.” Oh, so it was the government! Maybe they’ve come to warn us about something in our neighborhood. My hunched shoulders finally relaxed and I softened towards the voices at the door. I ran to the door and threw the double doors open. “Who is the head of this household?” the leader asked. “Daddy, it’s the Government. They want to speak with you.” All of a sudden the man pushes me aside and walks into our living room with his men. My dad, mum, and sister slowly descended the great spiral staircase, with the bags they succeeded in packing. The man comes face-to-face with my father and starts to question him.

“Are you the head?”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you a Christian?”

“Yes sir.”

“Is your entire family Christian?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you believe in Jesus?”

“Yes, we do.”

And then he ordered three of his men to put hand-cuffs on my daddy. The other men grabbed me, my mother and my sister…and they led us out of our home.

And that’s when I woke up from the dream.

I don’t believe in the Mayan Calendar, and I have no clue about 2012, but I remember Matthew 24:36-39 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will  the coming of the Son of Man be.”



This is for you Jaycee..

Light.a.lamp: "brighten the corner where you are"

A million soldiers

A million soldiers

A million soldiers


We are scared of opening up our hearts;

scared of being vulnerable…

probably due to previous experiences

or because we feel secured in our shell and guard.

Truth is, we miss out on the interesting things in life when we do this:

the tears, the thrill, the love, the warmth, the hurts,

the joy of forgiveness, etc…

Open up your heart!

Trust and love freely.


[“a million soldiers” was inspired by a valuable discussion I had late last night/early this morning with a friend 🙂 ]




Hugh McLeod says everyone has their own private mountain everest they were put in this world to climb.

However, I will add one more option – the last on the list.

Choose wisely.


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Satan can’t fly

Satan can't fly

Satan can't fly

One day, I was discussing with an elderly man – a wise man indeed.

He told me how important it is that we move forward in life..

..academically, socially, financially, politically and so on.

He also told me that satan can also move back and forth on the same plane.

He added that for us to avoid satan, it is important we move up as we move forward.

And I asked, “How can we move up?”;

He replied, “You move up spiritually!”

What do these humans do?

Welcome to Blackboard. Illustrations/Art straight from the heart.

What do these humans do?

What do these humans do?

There’s something about the way we view people/things not within our “circle of the known” (i.e friends, relatives, fellow citizens, etc).
For instance, I can’t differentiate a Japanese from a Chinese or Korean; To me, they all look alike – Asians…however, on a closer look, they actually have very noticeable differences.
The same goes for the way non-Africans look at Africans or non-Nigerians view Nigerians and can’t really differentiate between Yorubas, Ibos or Hausas, etc…

Same goes for the way we view on our leaders (at home, school, office, nation, etc).

Same goes for the way Christians view non-Christians; Muslims..non-Muslims, pagans..non-pagans.

If only we’d step out of our comfort circle of ‘idea’ or ‘notion’ about something, someone or group of people; only then can we see the beauty of the other things and what they are made of, things they can do, the differences they can make.

Same goes: human definitely have sex. It’s what they do. It’s not all they do!

(Welcome to blackboard, my art from the heart. Share with your friends)

Watch out for more

Blackberry, die trying, etc.


The probability of every member of your family buying a blackberry after you do so is 1/1… or something like that.

Die Tryin’

The most misunderstood words: “die trying“… Die trying means that a person is putting forth their 150% effort in what they are doing. They are not giving up until they do it! So, Get ‘xyz‘ or die trying.

where xyz = rich, wealth, a life, married, into the kingdom of God.


The kingdom of God is the only exception, you don’t need to die trying to achieve this. Just accept JESUS, the SON of God into your life, and be Born Again. (John 3:16 for more information)

The Office Xmas Party

That’s all some people work for.

You start January only to find out that you’ve been working just to attend the office xmas party..

..and then the cycle continues in January of the next year..

..and you meet the same people, have the same ideas, the same challenge, the same ‘complaints’, follow the trend..

How about you try something else this December?

Hey, I’m not saying you should lose/quit your day’s job… Discern. Discretion is key.


* Add value to your employer. Don’t just get paid for nothing.

* Be sure to find a purpose in everything you do.

The Middle Finger

Raising the middle finger is one of the greatest emotional and logical expressions in life.

It’s best raised to mediocrity and the status quo…

You’re free to raise it to anyone who wants to put you in their box! That includes friends and family.

Use it wisely.

The Middle Finger

Update: Check out this solid blog..

When will it end?

Viewers Discretion Advised


These words were taken from this site describing the Jos massacre (Viewer Discretion Advised: Disturbing images)

Clutters: How to unclutter your life (2)

TIP 2: Worry less about yesterday

Never worry about trees that were not planted. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

Focus on what you can do now to improve your situation and the situation of those around you. Those who need to be helped. The society that needs direction. The children that need help. The you that needs to take that bold leap. Focus on the actions you can do now that will pave way for a better tomorrow. Focus not on the missed opportunities or the regrets or the mistakes of the past. That tree has been planted. It’s time to plant a new one.

[This tip was inspired by John Wood who is Founder & Exec Chairman, Room to Read]

Clutters: How to unclutter your life (1)

TIP 1: Focus on your strengths

We spend so much time focusing on our weaknesses and trying to improve our lives based on improving on our weaknesses.  Fact is, we all have strengths too. Focus on those strengths. Do what you love over and over and pretty soon you will be so good at it.
Stop trying to develop on your weakness. Instead, partner with someone very UNlike you, share the work and share the wealth and everyone’s happy.
It’s a natural process we need to harness. For example, man & woman. 🙂
[Tip1 inspired by Marti Barletta, who is a speaker, consultant and author of Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women]