It’s finally here

truth is i’ve always procastinated having a blog.. but today i overcame!

Took 10days off work and it’s been a very fruitful experience.. got closer to the internet and learnt a lot of things, met a lot of people and also read a few minds via their blogs.. one of them is SethGodin‘s blog.. One article that caught my attention was “What to do when the new thing doesn’t work”..

the catch: “When the new stuff doesn’t work, do the new stuff more and better” (one of the inspirations to the opening of this blog)

Ok, it’s 11.37pm and i’m tired, been chatting with an old friend, very good lady-B.. had a terrible crush/’love'(? on her in pri. school…

I’m also feeling Ramit Sethi, the guys got some great blog too.. stanford product.. and hey i applied for his scholarship on entrepreneural stuffs..

Ok, alot happened today that i can’t put down.. got to sleep now.. cos tomorrow’s my last day out of work..

Luving the internet the more…

Am out.. zzzzzzz


2 thoughts on “It’s finally here

  1. ok ochuko dis is d part wher id say dt id kill u.crush ke.umhh. actually we can work something out but my middle name is cash money.

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