I need you….badly!!

I’ve been seriously seeking to have and improve on several things in my life…but there are two(2) things I need badly from now on (because I don’t have them)… before I tell you about them, I must say here that I’m very surprised that I am opening up so easily (something I hardly did).. well, as humans we change – i’m no exception. It is very easy to learn new things; but the hard part is unlearning what should be unlearned….

Back to the things I need.. ok you may think I need a car, or a house, or a new job, or an MBA at Chicago Booth, or an Arnold Schwarzenegger body, or a beautiful girlfriend, or a Michelle Obama kinda wife, or a site generating $5000000 daily, or free ticket to go to heaven…

All the above are good things of life that I would have and more… but I’m talking about 2 things.. Ok, look inside of you and think of 2 things you need to improve or add to your life (I’d like to see it in your comments)..

Discipline and Self Control!!!!!

Yes. They are my current 2 most wanted jewelleries.

I need discipline! I need self control! or better put I need to improve and grow on both.. (NB: My parents trained me well, and they instilled discipline and taught me self control..that was just FYI..)

Are you always late for work? Do you miss  or go late to your regular religious activities? Are you lazy about reading the “Living book”? Do you never pray? Do you always talk of making money or having alternative sources of income or taking a particular course of action without doing so?  Do you never read books? Are you addicted to something negative like drugs, sex, habits, envy, hating, lust,lying? Do you start something and never complete it? Are you not a doer? Are you always thinking of money,money,money? Are you a procastinator? Are you a drunkard/smoker? I can go on and on………(idea is need)

Truth is I look up at the list above and am very guilty of a some… and I’m confessing and saying that I need Discipline and Self Control..

I’ve started getting help and also helping myself on achieving these 2 must-haves…  Have you??


pls, participate in this poll and drop your comments too. Thanks!!



7 thoughts on “I need you….badly!!

  1. Self-control and discipline…

    First, look at your life. Face it and own up to all that you are and all that you do. Next, decide on one thing to change. Realize that changing here means switching from the unwanted behavior to a new, wanted behavior. Then, slowly, watch yourself. Anytime you begin to do the old behavior, stop yourself, but do not punish yourself. Just stop and breath and switch to the wanted behavior. It is more difficult to do that to read about though. Sometimes it is helpful to ask those around you for some help. Let him/her/them know that you are trying to change, that you are serious about the change and that you’d like their help. Finally, reward yourself for making the change, but be careful not to feed the old behavior with your reward.

    Good luck.

    The images that your poll refers to would only be beneficial if they are used as an educating tool and NOT with Fear as an intended outcome. Making kids afraid is not cool, but teaching them about potential consequences is good and admirable. I would recommend being realistic and always explain that having an STD does not make one a horrible, disgusting person. I have met people that have been traumatized by images such as these because they were used for creating Fear. These people have an unhealthy level of anxiety related to sex. Children should already understand reproduction and something about illness and health before being exposed to those pictures.

  2. Thanks for the comment arhageman.. very good, practical advice (but don’t you think because of our physical limitations, there could also be a need for some “higher spiritual power” in achieving Discipline & Self-Control?)..
    On the image poll thing, I totally agree with you.

  3. I totally agree with u Ochuko,that we need some higher spiritual powers to be active in us before some of these vices could be done away with but we also have a part to play.
    Most times,solutions to our problems could be a conscious effort from us but we fail to do it,this could get things messier.I think a very good idea/style had been given by arhageman earlier.When you find yourself in the act of what you dont want to do,just stop it.It could be easier said than done,but people have used it,i have used it and it has worked.
    The issue of higher spiritual powers then comes in and gives you the power to continue in light and makes things permanent.We really need those powers man,its important in our lives,we re dead without them.So to all who cares to know,we really need those powers.(very important)

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  5. If we look deeply at our life, we see that we are not seperate from any “higher spiritual power(s)”. This means that we do not have to seek out something other than our own Self. When we see what we trully are, when we face our life, everything changes.
    Good luck to you.

  6. i agree with arhageman.. i believe we have all it takes to do anything we think of or want to do. We have that innate ability, potential or POWER to execute, but we need to know we have such POWERs embedded inside of us. (This is my own personal take on this matter)

    Even the Good book (The Bible) makes it clear that we are “God” representatives on earth (Jon 10:34) and we dominate the earth as gods (pslm 82) hence we are already equiped to do all we need to do.

    Take for instance, if i want to be getting to the office on time, that means i have to be waking up early. If i want to be waking up early that means i need to be going to bed on time. If i become consistent with this routine, i’ll end up getting to work on time every day. THAT IS DISCIPLINE.

    Now in continuation, if i want to go to bed on time, that means that movie i want to watch tonight will have to wait till the weekend.. THAT IS SELFCONTROL.

    Even though it all sounds simple, the truth is, we have all it takes to make it simple, getting up when we fall, not stopping when we feel we got it wrong and persevering long enough what we are doing until the good we are doing becomes a habit. At that point, its so simple to do because its a habit.

    To balance this, there are certain extended things we may not be able to contorl because of out limited mortal nature, this i believe, is where higher spiritual power(s) or assistance comes in.

    Bottom line, if i want to be Disciplined and have self control, i have all it takes to achieve that. I just need to know that i possess such powers and understand how to use it.

    Cheers people and all the best.

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