Would You show your Child?

Hi all, today’s a bright day.. still in the early stages of romance with blogging 🙂 Please take time to respond to this poll.. as it would go a long way in helping in the fight against sexual mis-information and sex education..

Warning: Genitalia

Talking about sex education and prevention of HIV/AIDS: I came across some very educating images on avert.org, view images here

[Please NOTE that having an STD does not make one a horrible, disgusting person.]

Would you show your child(ren) these images? Would you talk to them about these ? Do you think showing them these things early in life would help reduce the “spread”? Thanks for voting.

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6 thoughts on “Would You show your Child?

  1. the issue here is to promote abstinence the best form of protection. And i absolute believe that a child that sees this will run away from sex when not ma

  2. i agree abstinence is the best form, but i’m just curious, are you sure this will scare children or anyone? wen one is in “that mood”, i don’t think you’d remember these pics… just wondering…… 🙂

  3. Firstly,i must say these pics are horrible but on a more serious note,they are good for this course of promoting the consequencies of unprotected sex.
    I think our children should be well educated on this issue ‘cos it really goes a long way in influencing their lives.The education is the important thing and not the pics,however the pics can back your points up.The news is everybody should know that “learning starts from the home” and we all(daddies,mummies,brothers,sisters,uncles,aunties,nephews,nieces….)should take it upon ourselves to propagate the course of sex edu around our families and the society at large.Dont forget,”Train up a child in the way he should go,and when he is old,he will not depart from it”The young chap brain is very fertile,so lets maximise it for him.

    • Spot on Bayo. I agree with your points especially the fact that we should look at it from a holistic point of view using the images as support materials to drive home our point..

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