1st Saturday…

Today’s special! The first saturday of this blog. It’s a milestone 🙂

Congrats to blogoratti – today marks his fist month blogging. Blogoratti made a very good write up on the eve of his 1month anniversary – “30 day habit” please read it and be inspired.

Thanks for all who have visited and commented, I want you to know that you ain’t seen nothing yet.. Ochuko’s blog(OB) is warming up.. it’d get really hot soon…and would rank among the top blogs in the world.

Yeah, I’ve been taking some steps needed to get the 2 most needed things I need at the moment… One of which is that I signed up with the p.a.n.a.m.a.i taekwondo group in Lagos.

Today’s session was very interesting, i must confess.. I would not go into too many details, but it was ‘sweet‘, I felt great, the exercises we took made me realise how unfit I had been all this while..my muscles, heart, brain, mind and all where alive during and after the session.

I joined this for a couple of reasons: the fact that I need discipline, self control, humility, respect, strength, fitness, networking and so on…..

I have received lots of calls from people asking me for information on this martial arts group. I have sought the permission of the organisers to include their information on this blog.

For more information on Taekwondo Lessons in Africa (especially Lagos), please contact:

Master Ferguson -+2348057710949 or +2348034093004

Thursdaline – +2348029962267

Ibrahim – +2348064742657

Sessions hold at the National Stadium Lagos. Call on any of the numbers above for more info..




2 thoughts on “1st Saturday…

    • lol..yes i did.. we just have to be fit to take up challenges.. tnx for stopping by..
      ..plus i’m available for free giveaways or your artworks.. 🙂

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