44th Position… Whaaaat??

I’m not happy as I type this.. I left my “9-5” early today.. (incase you don’t know what my 9-5 is, check here)…

On getting home, my beautiful kid sister (she’s the last born) came in from school. “I brought my report card”, she said.. “Wow, what’s your position?”, I asked..

“I came 44th out of 50 students..”

“Whaaaaaaaaaat?”, I screamed.. “I’m dissapointed in you.. How could you..”, I barked annoyingly………

“But I’m in the special class and it’s not really a bad result….bla bla bla”, she tried explaining.

Ok, I left her.. I relaxed my brains.. I thought deeply..

Here I was shouting at her for “failing”, here I was disappointed in her for not “coming 1st”… here I was fuming…

Suddenly, something struck me – “Was the result not expected?”.. “Why was I dissapointed?”.. “What actions did I take to avoid the 44th postion?”

I was not a doer.. I was always late from work.. I never asked her about her academics.. I never revised her subjects with her.. I never visited her school for once to see how she was doing.. 

So why was I shocked with the 44th position?”

Life teaches us lessons daily.  The 44th position is no exception.

How many times have we been dissapointed with happenings around us. What is that 44th position in your life that you are faced with? What is that 44th position career/business/relationship/dream/idea?

Going forward: Relax your brains, think deeply.. What actions did you take to avoid the 44th position.. What actions will you take from today to avoid future 44th positions?

It’s all on YOU.. It’s all on ME.. It’s my fault.. It’s your fault.. The 44th position.. You are to blame.. I am to blame..

I apologised to her. I’ll now begin taking steps to make sure she’s in the top 3 of her class this term.

Dear reader, Avoid the 44th position.

You can start right away by airing your views and voting on “Would you show your child?

Take charge!!


12 thoughts on “44th Position… Whaaaat??

  1. 44th position…..i can imagine how u felt, i remember u were always in the top 3 back in elementary school….i better start checking my nieces and nephew’s report card soon to avoid this 44th position issue

  2. hmmm how ironic……….ur sister’s 44th in class n obama’s USA’s 44th president………
    some kind sign or something……………….my mind playin games i guess……….

  3. The 44th position……..This reminds me of a professional exam i failed…It hit me hard, i gave excuses…..but at the end of it all i knew I was at fault cos I did not put in enough effort…….
    But on the other hand having the 44th position might not mean you did not try your best. I work in a bank, I got to work today to be slammed with a zero(0) in my appraisal. In previous appraisals, i have been tops in my unit but this month despite all my psyching, the customers refused to bring in money up to the required target and I got a zero. That doesn’t mean I did not put in my best..but right now i’m in the 44th position..Sometimes we may put in all we have but we still get to be in the 44th position…
    What matters now is not remaining there but attaining to be 1st position.

    • Thanks Miss E.
      I believe that you are taking steps out of your 44th position by realising that you are in that position and that’s gear you up in taking necessary steps out of it.. that is the most important..

  4. learning improvement and success, unlearning stagnancy and failure is the main reason why we are hear on planet earth thanks OG for this post 44th position…wonderful..

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