I’m in huge debt!!

It’s funny that barely a week into starting this whole thing, I am boring you with my debt story.. ok, ok, before you stop reading.. here’s the whole truth!

Every day I wake up, I always owe people..Everyday!

The irony of it all is that I have the means to repay these debts, but I just don’t.. or I settle the debt in half measures..

I’m a miser.. and the amount of debt keeps increasing daily.. How do I go about this?

I know the question on your mind – Who am I owing, What am I owing? and how much am I owing?

Let me answer straight away:

I owe YOU. I owe EVERYONE. I owe LOVE…………….

We are all Debtors!! We owe eachother LOVE!! Don’t pile up debts.. Have a repayment plan now. Start settling your debt – everyday.

I will start right away. Would you?

(Also, Congrats to Obama and America)


6 thoughts on “I’m in huge debt!!

  1. Very funny! That is the idea! Owe nobody anything, except love. If we all would just start listening to some good ole’ wisdom, we would be smarter everyday.

  2. I now know the in depth story of your messenger caption “We’re all debtors” 🙂

    Very well said and I like the idea of having “a repayment plan now”

    Thanks for sharing your nice thoughts..

  3. :-)!!! we really do owe ourselves
    was readin someone’s comment or quote recently about the world…… if we all jus tried to live for others or so the world would b rid of its chaos….can’t remember tho
    so many times we all love bein the the centre of attraction……….and use other peeps to get there causein saddness instead of showin love

  4. Ochuko, I wonder how I missed this post. I like how you put it “dont pile up your debts”. We know how the debt collectors will be on our case to pay up…..get a repayment plan. me likey

    good job and sowry for the late response

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