Why E&J is Unique!!

I decided to feature E&J for many reasons.. I personally feel they are unique in the way they add value via technology.. I must say Ochuko’s Blog is happy to feature them in the YOU ARE UNIQUE series..

EJ laptop is a subsidiary of Emmanuel & LongJie Inc. , a company that specializes in computer, digital camera, and external storage devices. They sell, repair and assemble their own brand of laptops, digital camera & external storage devices..

The brains behind the company are Emmanuel and LongJie who met at Illinois Institute of Technology. Emmanuel has a background is computer science and information tech. mgt while LongJie is a computer Engineer.

One key value proposition that E&J are adding is the affordability (they come relatively inexpensive), flexibility – all the products (cameras, laptops, etc) can be customised to your taste and market reach..

You need to take a look at these branded laptops which come in different colours (pink and co..), I’m really impressed and motivated by E&J. They are really making a huge difference especially to underdeveloped and developing countries that cannot afford these technologies.

Think of E&J as the Dell, HP and Apple of the new generation.

More information visit:  http://www.ejlaptop.com

Welldone guys!!

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