Squeezed Inside!!

Please note that what you are about to read was straight from the heart just like my other posts, but this time around, it was done hurriedly and with a little anger and bitterness of heart… 

[do what you can, when you still have the energy and time, dont waste your time…]

These were the last words I heard before typing this out and going to sleep tonight. It came from a colleague in the office advising me when I tried expressing my concerns and anger ..

I was totally vexed today.. totally angry.. totally sad.. totally squeezed inside.. totally not appreciating 9ja (just for this moment)..

I spent about 15hours today on work and traffic.. and also spend this same 15hours on working days on my ‘9-5’ and traffic. 15 hours!! (24 – 15 = 9hrs.. unbelievable 9 – 6hours of sleep = 3 hours left..) what a waste of hours.. wasted time..

..only to get home and logon to facebook to see this video which had Nigeria’s former president lambasting the masses and victims of the last Ikeja bomb blast few years ago, using words like “shut up”, “You know I don’t have to be here”, “gbenu soun” and co…. watch video below 

..only to get home yesterday or day before and watch on TV, the current VP(Goodluck) making silly excuses to the FIFA inspection team on the forthcoming U-17(?) world championship to be hosted by Nigeria in April, after they complained about the low level of preparation and deplorable condition of infrastrux.. Imagine a whole VP saying by the time they come in April(in 2 months), it would look as if magic had taken place – magic? that’s unbelievable!!

Go take a look at the National Stadium surulere.. and see decayed feaces and concentrated urine on the walkways of the restrooms and main bowl entrances.. Go see the igbo smoking association.. Go see the deplorable state of infrastructure.. It’s sad!!

..only to get home and watch on tv some days ago that a suspected robber/burglar turned into a goat and the goat is currently being held by the Police and is/may be arraigned to court, and a reporter asking the goat “Hello, Mr goat, are you a human being?”.. what a shame!!

..only to get home and … there are so many things … but I’d stop here..

The whole morale of the story? Some very drastic actions and decisions will have to be made.. by me.. between the Me, the Country and the Wasteful 15hours..

Now that was my inner thoughts for free.. Whatever it means to you.. Whatever you interprete it to mean.. See what you want to see.. Understand how you want it understood!!

G’nite.. <i’m not just in the mood, it’d be gone by morning 😉 !!>

Video source: You Tube. Link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EWhgb0T3Fo


3 thoughts on “Squeezed Inside!!

    • he said it oo..lol.. on d trafik, 15hrs n d country,i’d soon decide!! 😀
      tanx so much for stopping by. av a blessed month too..

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