Hmm..Relieved Inside!!

OK, I said it’d be gone by morning.. and it has!!

Thanks in part to this article by Rajesh (Hmm..Isn’t that Interesting)

Rajesh just has a special way of motivating people. 😉

Do have a great day!!


2 thoughts on “Hmm..Relieved Inside!!

  1. This is concerning Nigeria,Nigerian and our overly sad situation:

    Ouch! Did that sound cynical- well you would not blame me with the reasons I will give over time. For today, I will talking about our legislators.
    It’s unbelievable but true, they get a lunch allowance of over N140,000 each daily and yet when It is time to review the wages of for instance teachers, it takes for ever-sad< or is it not?
    Just recently, they were to embark on a constitutional review and they started dilly dallying over who should be chairman of this commitee instead of placing National Interest first-sad………………

    • You are so right ‘Dele.. I think there’s just one word for our leaders and some of us-followers… CLUELESS!!!
      We just don’t have a CLUE of what is going on or how to move on!!!

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