Today’s the first day of the second month of the year 2009 (1.F.9)

So far, 2009 has been interesting. We’ve had 31days of hot and interesting news. On top of that list is the “Global economic meltdown”. Layoffs. Debts. Bankruptcy. Lies. Deception. Opaque governments and corporations.

A very good friend of mine narrated to me on friday how his employer laid off half of the employees (fortunately, he was retained). Another good friend of mine was laid off. Another friend of mine was also laid off. Stockbroking firms are laying off. Some banks are silently preparing to lay off. Companies are cutting costs…and the list goes on!

Truth is any one can be affected. My parents were once affected with a sick company that went down too.. I could be affected. No one knows who’d be next.

Just in case you don’t know – Be prepared!

It could be a very bitter and shocking experience, but I hope these points will go a long way in helping:


1. Know that in life, we will have bad days. There will be setbacks. We will have more than our fair share of failures. But at the end of the day, you pick yourself up and keep going. That’s the Big Secret of Life. You fall down, you get up

2. Don’t take it personally. Try not to let your job loss eat at your self-esteem. You are much more than the job!!

3. Don’t panic. Don’t be scared. Any sudden life change can seem like the end of the world. It’s not. Take time to breathe. Gather your wits and move forward.

4. It’s time to use your networks. You network connections.  Reach out to all professional and social contacts, old friends, family, etc.. You may find a new job through them, or you could do some business or derive some other benefits.

5. Try to make sure you lower down on your expenses. Check your spendings and your lifestyle.

6. Be flexible. Open your mind. Do not close your mind to new suggestions or career or business ideas (especially IT guys.. u always feel it’s all about coding and computers..lol)

7. Go to church. Be close to God.

8. Read this article

9. Keep walking!!

If you still have your job, start a second job now! or create a new business/company by the side.. you may think you don’t need this piece – well someone you know might need this..

Enter the new week with positive optimism. Take charge!!

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2 thoughts on “1.F.9

  1. the economic down turn is really sad…
    job losses, job cuts, less spendin money, bills to pay
    i do hope people realise tho in the midst of all the mis-haps that there is real hope too

    • it’s quite sad.. but as u said, there’s hope!
      at least it doesn’t cost a thing to smile.. we don’t have to pay to laugh.. we’d better thank God for that.. 🙂

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