Why M.I is Unique!!

Nigerian HipHop sensation

Nigerian HipHop sensation


If you haven’t caught the M.I fever, then please do so ASAP.

Some 2years ago or so, ‘flygirl’ said something about M.I and I asked “Who is MI? and the response:  “..can’t believe there are some young folks in this part of the world who don’t know who M.I is..” I only got to know bout this response some ‘years’ after!!.. 🙂

I know I’m late into the M.I fever.. It’s quite healthy for me. I’m always late on things like this 😉 !!

Enough of the intro. I listened to this guy and I must confess – his work SPEAKS to me!!!

He is one of the very few young Nigerians after Mikel Obi, who have really got me so excited..

I’d just do a list of a few quotes from his work. That’s what I actually do when I listen to music – what can I learn?.. what value is this song adding?.. I’m also obeying the MI title: “TALK.ABOUT.IT”

Ok, Here we go:

.1. Money slow to enter; Money quick to go!! (Be financially wise!!)

.2. I’m not saying I’m the best; But I’m asking who is better? (Believe in yourself. Be self confident. Sharpen your skills. You are the best, but seek to be better)

.3. You’ve got to know who you are..” (Be yourself!!!)

.4. Break free from the Crowd mentality (Have a mind of your own).

.5. Don’t be afraid to re-arrange (Question the status quo. Everyone can be wrong)…

………and a whole load of other mind blowing tongue twisters……………

Ochuko’s Blog is proud to have M.I in the You.Are.Unique Series!

Other hot links on M.I:

>>MI on myspace

>>M.I should be arrested and jailed

>>M.I on facebook

Keep doing it. Be a Doer!!


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