I slept with her..


the morning after...

the morning after...


I slept with her till dawn.. till the sun rose on my face.. till I covered my face from it’s rays.. till I realised the damage caused by her presence.

She seduced me violently.. I succumbed.. I yielded.. Hell was let loose.. and now I’m sorry.

I never knew I’d have her in till day break.. I never knew it would have such bad effects.. Now it affects me and my health and my state of mind and everything.  Ohhh, it pains me babe..

I can’t think clearly!!

Yes, I yielded to her. I slept with her.. and in hindsight, a great damage beyond repairs had been made.

I remembered the sayings in the Holy Scriptures about not allowing her to stay over even before the sun goes down.. saying I should discard her before evening.. Alas I din’t listen, I din’t obey…

Yes I remembered. It could have been avoided. All the damage. All the regrets…

I slept with Anger in my heart.. I slept with her till the sun went down.. and until the sun rose over my face..

Never let the sun set over anger within you.. Never let her stay with you till night..

She’s only a useful friend on the short run.. and a no gooder afterwards and should be discarded almost immediately.

Think before you take her to bed!!! It isn’t worth it!! She aint worth you!!

You can control anger. Don’t let it seduce you. Cos the damages it causes could be beyond repairs!!!

A word is enough for the wise.

Ephesians 4:26 – “In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold”

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16 thoughts on “I slept with her..

  1. i guess it takes some measure of calmness, patience, self control blindness and ‘mute’ness to actually control anger…
    blindness – becos one has to overlook
    ‘mute’ness – becos one has to turn a deaf ear
    …………….i’m still learnin……….i’m a naturally moody and won’t talk till i’m soooo forced to…..so i end up bottlin up and sleepin with my anger!!!
    proudly…….since the year begun i’v been workin on it………i hope i come up with a testimony

    • @flygirl, spot on.. that’s my real problem – the bottling up, not talking ones mind and ‘mute’ness part makes one end up sleeping with it.. i hope i come up with a testimony too.. 🙂

      @Kehinde, thanks.. I hope you’ve not lost your ‘virginity‘ in this aspect.. cool guy 😉 😀

  2. oh my..that was really good ochuko..i really try to avoid getting angry cos when i do it takes quite a while for it to dissipate..

    p.s. r u male or female? just wondering!

  3. This is great. Keep it up. It’s as if you knew what I am currently going through, I only pray not to sleep with her for too long.

    People should take a clue from this and never sleep with Anger in their hearts because “You can control anger. Don’t let it seduce you. Cos the damages it causes could be beyond repairs!!!”

  4. @tola & segun:
    Thanks for your kind words and for coming around.

    I agree with you on the need for God’s grace in handling anger.. thanks.


  5. ………….
    But there’s more depth…..
    What if sleeping with her (anger) was or is not a mistake?
    What if at that time, that was all that mattered?
    Just asking , no biggie!!!

    • @peace, I know ‘her’ well and I can tell you ‘she’ is flexible and always readily available if you desire…. but the catch is in this case, you’d only use ‘her’ wen u need ‘her’ – for just that short, brief moment….and then discard!! 😉

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  7. great piece! with a very interesting title! lol

    that one relentless lady, when u ve her sorted out, she creeps in and works her magic!
    u find yours yielding to her charms.
    the damage is then done
    she leaves u feeling violated and used!
    good to finally know ochuko is! or rather what he is like

    • LoL… thanks Ayo for coming around… plus hope you know I awarded you the Honest Scrap Awards.. so you need to do it!!!

    • Hi rayo,
      Letting go is a wise thing to do most times. It’s also a sign of maturity too.
      thanks for coming by and sorry for the late response. 🙂

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