Bread on the Head..

Just decided to drop this quick one that should keep us all reflecting (it also has doses of a ‘dramatic-irony humour’  😀 )… 

At about 5.10pm today, I got on to see what was happening at Linda Ikeji’s spot.. and guess what I saw?.. (you would not believe it).. well I would not say it here, you’d need to go see for yourselves!!

This calls for sober reflection and also soul searching..

It’s OK that we can blame it all on “all these greedy dupes”.. but at the same time..

..We need to look inside ourselves and see where we are carrying our own breads on our heads.. is it at work? is it in the way we alter financial accounts? is it in the way we try to out-do the competition? is it in our relationships? is it in our infidelity? is it in the way we treat money? is it in racism?.. our selfish tendencies?.. whatever.. we all just need look deep inside.. you’d be surprised what you’d find.

Dear reader, in what ways are you carrying your bread on your head? Think about it..

Ok, I’d drop it here!.. go and enjoy and reflect on this piece curled from Linda Ikeji’s blog.. Read story here: WHAT A FOOL

Have a great weekend 🙂


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