Just in case..

Just a quick reminder..

Just in case you forgot.. or you din’t know..

Just in case you remember but just don’t care..

Just in case you are only so concerned about yourself..

Just in case..

I just want to remind you.. or tell you.. or introduce to you..

..that there are orphans and  orphanages – you can visit and donate to them!

..that there are bed-ridden individuals, who need love and care!

..that there are refugees and refugee camps near you!

..that there are jobless, unemployed youths around you that you can help!

..that there are people who all they need is a Kiva loan – you can donate!

..that there are old people and old peoples’ homes – you can visit and donate food, money, etc!

..that there are the not-so-privileged ones who have no homes, roam about and are taking over by devil and vices – you can gather some and cause changes in their lives!

..that there are children who eat once in a week – get info from unicef or your country specific NGOs, non-profits, etc!

..that there are people who just need love – show it to them!

..that there are children who could be adopted by you – yes You and me!

..that there are kids who don’t go to school – you can sponsor one or two!

..that these and many more are all around us!

Just in case you din’t know or just don’t care! Now you know!

If you’ve known, kindly add more to this list in your comments…


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