A little about me..???

The Colour of Self deceit..

I’m way better than my neighbour.. than the next guy.. than the next gal..

I’m so kind and generous.. I can’t hurt a fly..

I know how to handle and deal with every situation..

I don’t commit sin, I’m so white..

People are always wrong.. I’m always right..

I can always do drugs and sex without any negative effects.. at least none for now..

I notice that if I cheat, I can always go away with it..

Infact, I hardly use the toilet.. it’s unclean..

Anyone not in my class is not fit to be friends with.. at least we just can’t mix..

I always read the bible 24/7 and pray 24/7 and my prayer is better than the next guy next door..

I am the only one who God shows loves and favour among my peers.. I’m the only good one ..cos i do good


What I’ve just said??…

I’ve just deceived myself.. self deceit.. I’ve just lied to myself.. and that’s the worst crime to commit on earth – to deceive yourself!; to deceive myself!

We can deceive others, but deceiving oneself is greater sin!!

On a second thought, to deceive oneself shows very cheap “talent”… it’s quite very easy to do..

Therefore let him who thinks he stands be careful that he doesn’t fall. –Ā 1 Corinthians 10:12

NB: Image copyright Stockvault.net


4 thoughts on “A little about me..???

  1. I dey waka today o na im I come stumble. As I look at wetin wan make me fall, na soso grammer I dey see. Mr Ogra, you try with dis one. Kudos!

  2. Nice one dude, was listening to a sermon today that resonated wit all that u were saying in this(in some ways) .Selfishness is the mother of all sin. Keep em coming dude.

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