“I’m 30 today!!”

😀       Hurray!!..      😀

30..of raw happiness

30..of sharing and giving

30..of making new friends

30..of doing a new thing and loving it

30..of having a sense of fulfilment

30..of openess

30..of sleeping average 3hours daily

30..of self improvement

30..of self correction

30..of learning new things from everything and everyone

30..of asking questions

30..of looking beyond challenges

30..of just believing ..in God and hope

30..of not assuming

30..of 6 degrees of seperation

30..of you making it all worthwhile

30..of anticipating a lovely tomorrow.. because of YOU too..

30..of trying to focus

30..of giving blogging a go

30..of trying to add value in the little way ‘we’ can

30..of innocence, exploring and seeking direction

30..of trying to be a doer!

30..of seeing things in a different light!

30 DAYS of re.discovery and re.discovering

30 DAYS of Ochuko’s Blog!!

Yeah, it has been of one the best 30 DAYS…

It’s called counting your days!! 😀

It’s a Sign..



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