Why NICOLAS is Unique…!!!

Today’s feature is a Unique guy. No doubt.

He is the popular white guy who loves and remixes Nigerian music!! His love for Nigerian and African music is so amazing.. He has a good voice, plays the guitar and does these songs with passion and humour..


Ochuko’s Blog caught up with him and we are proud to have Nicolas in the “You Are Unique” series. Read full interview below.. and thanks to him for the short vid he did for this blog..  😉

Excepts from d short vid: “..Hi Nicolas here..and I’m on Ochuko’s Blog… if u love ur blog show your logo dada…” 😀


OB: What is your name?

NGNicolas Georgakis

OB: What are your hobbies, what do you do?

NG: I repair cars, Play and make Music, I love recording my Youtube Videos, also an MC in a Discothek together with Some Djs. AND MY FAVRORITE: Listen to African music and try to get the lyrics in all Languages. ( Yoruba, Nigeria: Twi, Ghana: Ewe, Togo: Kongo, Lingala) so on so on =)

OB: Have you ever been to Nigeria?

NGNo i wasnt there anytime but, i want to go there.

OB:  Why do you like Nigerian Music?

NGI realy like the sound of the Language and the way you can speak it, and the way they produce the instrumentals ,they use other effects like the producers from USA or something…

I have learned many Songs in d last time ( songs from other countries, Togo,Ghana,Cameroon but i wasnt able to record them as Videos, i will hold you up to date if there is antything new.

OB: Where can we get to see your works?

NG:  I will load them up on Youtube, and Post the links on facebook.

OB: Thanks Nicolas for your time.

NG: You’re welcome…

You can catch up with Nicolas here

Also enjoy Make them talk” by 9ice as performed by Nicolas..<lol>


6 thoughts on “Why NICOLAS is Unique…!!!

  1. @chris, Obama would be featured very soon (but i’d prefer Michelle not Barack!! watch out!! Nicolas is really something.. lol

    @flygirl, yeah his gongo-aso was smooth 🙂

    @Butie ;-).. d dude’s been on youtube.. how u doin’? 🙂

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