Clueless talk and giggles…

My 9-5 is on the second floor of the building..

Most times, I take the stairs.. But on this particular day I was going out and was so tired.. I decided to wait for the lift..

Now the lift in this building is slow… you could wait some >2minutes for it.. so, while waiting

Man: “Hi young man, why are you waiting for the lift?”

Me: Haha, I’m kinda fagged out today…

Man: “Why are you tired?.. You are young and well paid..”

My mind: Well whaaat? You just don’t have a clue..

Me: <Giggling>

Man: “You also look very comfortable with what you are given and I know you do not have any responsibilities… so in essence, it’s all for your mouth alone (literal Yoruba translation)

My mind: What do you know-this man-, you just don’t have a clue again.. You’re just so ignorant!!

Me: <Giggling 2>

…bla bla bla clueless talks… and giggles…

There and then, I understood the importance of not bothering ourselves with the wrong opinions others have or say about us… People just don’t have a clue of what’s going on with you… So let them talk… You listen, but don’t bother yourself if it’s wrong!!

I also may be clueless about what’s going on with others… and I learnt that day not to talk clueless talk…

Looking back, I think it would have been better to reply with: “Oh you’re tired? Hope you get strong soon, you should try taking some rest!!”..


Fagged out: Has been stretched so many times that it has lost all elasticity

GiggleTo laugh with repeated short, spasmodic sounds [my idea of this: a good way to listen and think before replying – that’s if you’d even reply!!]

Bothering: To disturb or anger, especially by minor irritations

Clueless: Lacking understanding or knowledge


Do have a great week ahead :D!!! No clueless talk. No bothering with wrong opinions about you. Cheers…


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