Patent Helmet!!

Ideas for life series..

What I’m about to say will affect more than 20Million humans… is demanded by 20Million… and there’s no supply yet!!

It is now mandatory especially in a state called Lagos, in a country called Nigeria for everyone who rides on a motorbike (which is a popular means of short distance transportation), to wear helmets… crash helmets…

Now, this is a good thing – it reduces rate of head injuries in the event of an accident… but there is a negative side to this!

I’d randomly say that for each passenger helmet per bike, at least 100 people would use the same helmet daily (source: my layman math).. 75 of whom do not use handkerchiefs or headties(even this isn’t safe).. 100 of whom would likely sweat in it… 50 of whom have a few skin/hair ‘deviations’ – ranging from pimples (like mine 🙂 ) to dandruff to ‘over make-up’, pancake, worms, fungal/bacterial infects and other advanced skin ‘deviations’… sooooo, the solution?

..Meet FOLDABLE HELMET!!! <ok, I’ve not patented it yet!!.. you are free to go ahead :D>

It’s simple; It’s portable.. easy to carry around; It’s good looking; It’s a work of art; It probably looks like a small writepad; It’s chic; It’s classy; It’s foldable… It’s yours, it’s mine.. wouldn’t share with anyone!! It’s the solution helmet!! The Patent Helmet!! The Potent Helmet!!

Go ahead. Innovate. Build it. Sell it. Make profit. Whatever…

It’s a multi million naira idea. It’s free. It’s the first in Ochuko’s Blog Ideas for Life series…..

< During the bubble, I’d always be available for consultancy and profit sharing 😀 >

When you see foldable helmets with everyone,… you know where it came from right?.. lol…


(I was meant to write on something else today, but it’s huge and it’s delicate, so I postponed…)


A little about Ochuko’s Blog Ideas for Life series – it’s simply a series of raw, innovative, profitable and FREE ideas shared… just about Giving!!


3 thoughts on “Patent Helmet!!

  1. lol @ sales burst 😀 ..

    these ideas are actually meant for any reader who wants to take advantage of it..

    I’d be available for profit sharing and consultancy…….and maybe marketing… lol.. 🙂

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