Mobile Blogger..

I’m currently in one of the Lagos State LAGBUSes… infact this one is different.. it is oye pumping meaning it has an AC…

…and spacious seats/interior…

…and good drivers…

…and beautiful, couteous hostesses… just like Emirates…

…and the first thought that came to mind was to blog about it…

…and a distance that would have taken 2hrs in a private car is now about 10-15mins

When next you visit Lagos, ask to enter a LAGBUS… this is an initiative by the Lagos state government to provide, cheaper, efficient, comfortable and effective means of transportation in Lagos state.

Eko o ni baje oo..

For more information on Lagos state, visit Lagos Website

oops!!… I need to get off now.. We’ve arrived at my destination… twas a nice ride while it lasted…


6 thoughts on “Mobile Blogger..

  1. serioulsy!!!!!………i’m sooooo goin to miss all them yellow buses when they finally get rid of them…….the hard wooden seats,rickety escapades and smelly conductors………

    • it’s true.. eyes wide open.. 🙂 ok maybe the hostesses were not as well dressed as Emirates’ yeah Fashola’s team’s doing a good job!!

  2. this is really nice, we only need to have more of those buses to finally put an end to yellow buses in lagos. Eko o ni ba je o. Thanks to Tinubu that knows the right Man for the right Job “BRF” and to those of us who voted wisely.

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