Spell it!!

As humans, we always make attempts to define or describe or spell out things or actions…

An example of such would be ‘hissing‘… there’s this long hiss that ladies know how to do well – esp. in Africa – and people have made attempts to spell this:

I believe the closest hiss spellings are “kpsheww“… or “hmmsheewww“…

Another example of such is “arrghhhh“…

It’s great to be able to put these actions into letters… but I’d give you one of such actions you can NEVER spell out.. NEVER… you want to try it?

Action: Take a deep loud breath…

Now spell the sound made!! (I’d be waiting for your answers… forever… lol)

In essence, what I’m driving at is that there are some things we shouldn’t try putting out in letters… we shouldn’t attempt to mis- tag/mis- define/mis- spell… we can only FEEL them, we can only DO them…

Things like LOVE… Just feel it – take it in…

…don’t try tagging or spelling it.. don’t say it’s blind… or that it doesn’t exists… or that there isn’t aย trueย love… or that you can’t fall in it…

…it’s like a deep breath that can’t be spelt!! You can only do it, feel it andย try to describe it!!!

Freely FEEL it, GIVE it, RECEIVE it!!

I saw a great article today – please read it!! GREAT IMPRESSIONS!!



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8 thoughts on “Spell it!!

    • @H2O, lol.. just hope u don’t grow grays trying to spell it… lol…. thanks for stopping by n bein’ d 1st… was @ ur spot too..

  1. @flygirl, LMAO bigtime… ahn ahn, you post is sooo hilarious..This is another angle oooo.. but i think you almost got the spellings correct…LOL…

  2. ffffffhmmmmm! LOL..thats my attempt at spelling it…but then..why bother? some things are not meant to be bound by silly things such as spelling…they are to be experienced and enjoyed!!

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