The Beauty of Randomness..

I thought it would be easy to write about randomness, but the more I tried, the harder and more interesting it became…

One thing I know is that it is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans…

The power to be random..

I decided to visit Ben…and there it was.. a great article on Randomness.. by Ben Casnocha (a blogger and blog I love)..

He said an I quote: “Expose yourself to bulk positive randomness and be ready to take advantage of it”..

He goes further to break it down by saying – 

Exposing yourself means that you should take in as much experience as possible, get lots of info, read lots of books(i’m so guilty- i don’t read), always seek for new experiences, try hearing others point of views, and the part I like most – “Be in a mindset that allows your deepest assumptions to be challenged” – which is a major essence of randomness…

Bulk means look for numbers.. a large concentration of getting these random exposures…

Positive of course the random thing should be positive.. there’s no point having a negative random exposure/experience/thought…

Take Advantage of .. simply means siezing the moment.. for example

If while going to your daily routine 9-5, you come across this new random thing/place/activity, why not postpone your routine journey, explore this new random and sieze the moment…

Or if you’re always on the life’s fast lane, why don’t you do a random swear to celibacy (now this is not about sex alone – money, drugs, theft, corruption, whatever…) 😀

If you’ve never blogged, and all you do is read up other blogs, why don’t you randomly open a blog on blogger or wordpress or typepad and blog away…

Or if while walking to the library, you discover a Little Venice in London(LVIL) :-), then postpone your trek, explore it and sieze the moment…

Or if it’s only one genre of music you listen to, why not randomly switch to someother genre…

Or there’s this cute guy/gal, why not… u know what to do!! 🙂

…the list goes on… it’s all random… Just Do It!!

Randomness – you can’t spell it too.. Just feel it!!

View the Ben Casnocha’s Article on Randomness

Enjoy your weekend!! 😀

_______Random Update – not part of original post________

I just did a random thing – I was at a popular GTBank’s branch somewhere in the heart Surulere, Lagos – and I saw a beautiful young lady – she was cute and beautiful – but she was busy… I scribbled down a random note:

                    “You are beautiful 🙂 …


At least I got a “thank you” before leaving.. lol… so if she’s reading this, she should notify me – even if it’s her nickname, I’d like to know…lol  


Morale of story – Randomness just added me a new random beautiful ‘friend’ and I’m also sure it added a smile to her face and boosted her morale today… 😀


8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Randomness..

  1. Variety is the spice of life you know, and procrastination the thief of time. I wanna do something new but I keep procrastinating sometimes into months or years and it’s killing me.

    Thanks man.

  2. :-)!!!! experiencing the true beauty of ‘random’……..sounds like a book yet to be written…….
    live life lovely add randomity too!!!!!!

    u may not know but u could hav brightened up her day in whole new way……..may b she’ll tell u her name pretty soon!!

  3. @Danny Bagucci, tnx for coming around too.. yeah random and creative go hand in hand.. YNWA

    @Chris, true talk.. you are not alone. the good thing is that you know and you are taking steps to doing.. Just do it!! 🙂

    @flygirl, lolol.. i’d like to read the book incase you write it.. lol.. i hope it brightened her day.. 🙂

    @Bombchell, I din’t want to leave my number.. cos that wasn’t the random intention.. lol… the blog address will do just fine… 😀 .. i’d be waiting for her visit.. lol…
    Tnx for stopping by…

  4. Almost everyone goes routine and that’s why we tend to miss out on the funs of life…

    I see this as ‘A CALL FOR SPONTANEITY’ without being ridiculous or extreme about it.

    Nice post… hope to come around more often.
    am running along now… lala

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