There is no Box!!


We all know the cliché – “Think outside the box”

We all use it.. We all say it…

Others will go further to say “Think around the box”

In my honest opinion, the mere mention of a box is limiting in itself.

Imagine having to freely think and freely innovate and freely explore and explode without the boxed limitations… This was Obama’s tactics to the White house – He packed up all the boxes!!

Another great example is Steve Jobs & Apple – these guys don’t know what a box is!!…

The box also doesn’t give room for Serendipity!!

Challenge the status quo – be unboxed!!

Think without the box.. cos the box does not exist!!

Think about it….


15 thoughts on “There is no Box!!

    • yes oo, u can imagine… sometimes these business guys just coin up complex theories and we would just follow along…lol.. it’s an unboxed movement from now on.. 🙂
      how u doin’?

  1. It is also known as the paedophile or pervert’s argument, an argument used by paedophiles to justify what they do. There is a box in most things, that’s why we have rules in society.

    • lol @ Truthmasta…
      Thing is the post was written in a positive light, from a positive perspective!!
      The idea is for us not to see the limitations that could hamper our growth, innovation and creative thinking… to challenge everything! Not to be satisfied with our state of knowledge or practice!

    • You are so right dear Zubaer, but I think it is a very difficult thing to do… very difficult, but it’d always pay off.. 🙂

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  3. am so excited to know that there is no BOX! I’ve thought out of the box for so long(or so i thought!). But now the idea of ‘no Box’ gets me thinking. Thanks Ochuko

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