On Project Management…

Just wanted to alert Project Managers, Team leads, business developers,IT Managers, Engineers and interested individuals with a desire to attain the highly acclaimed Global PM certifications – MPM™ or CIPM™… that top members of the Global executive team of the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) will be coming to Nigeria between April 1 – April 4, 2009!!!:-)

This is in conjunction with PM Consultings™ an AAPM provider .. Steve Wylie would also be one of facilitator… (details below)

I believe this is a huge opportunity for attaining these certifications, professional education, networking and career enhancement…

I’ve attached details of this event below (as it appeared in Punch Newspaper).. please look through it…and start preparing for it now!!! 🙂

Add Value to your CAREER!!!

…as someone said – “if only we could treat events in our lives as projects, we would lead better, well organized lives without unnecessary stress..



3 thoughts on “On Project Management…

  1. It promises to be a wonderful professional training and certification program. as we’re in the age of project management and it would look strange for anybody working in an organization not to have project management experience or certification. However, you need to be technically and managerially balanced before you can be a complete project manager. this professional program sets up the path for your PM professional journey. Join your peers in this cutting edge program. contact us via pmconsults@gmail.com or +2348023054799 for more details. thanks Ochuko for this awareness.

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