Merit or Mercy??

There are some days you just feel drained.. you just feel blank.. you just feel like you are not there… today’s one of such days…

But… instead of complaining or feeling squeezed inside, I’m going to let out a very raw personal truth… a raw tribute… a raw acknowledgement of “something great” that has kept me going all through these years… a raw gratitude from the undeserving me

The truth is…

..that I totally do not deserve everything I am or I have

..that I am totally not worthy!! What even makes one worthy?

..that I had no hand in how I got here – to earth… even how I have survived to date..

..that I have no control over my health nor the next breath I’ll take in…

..that I ate today… I also drank today… divine provision

..that I sleep and wake daily.. I have no idea how this happens.. daily doses of divine rest

..that I’m just another mere mortal.. nothing more nor better than one who is subject to death – one who can just cease to exist…!!

..and that there’s nothing like merit in my dictionary cos I don’t deserve – I din’t work for it.. everything has been, and is, and will continue to be, by mercy… God’s mercy!!

Dear God, Great is your mercy towards me… I just wanted to acknowledge and thank You.

😀  Wow!! I feel lighter than when I started this post… 😀 

Give God His Deserved Glory and Praise… it’d help ease your ‘heaviness of soul’ 🙂


4 thoughts on “Merit or Mercy??

  1. aaaaaaargh where did my comment go???

    anyhoos, i was like u r right, none of us r worthy..sometimes i wonder why we r still alive and then i remember God is merciful after all and then i feel so damn guilty..

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