My Real Age..

Before you go ahead, be sure to check out this post by Blogoratti 😉

So back to the age issue…

It’s Shocking!!! I’m 8years older than my real age? something is definitely wrong..with me!!

I checked out which is a great site that tells you your exact real age – believe me they are accurate (if you provide true information)…
So how come I’m 8years older than my current age?

– I usually skip breakfast

– I don’t sleep well..I don’t have enough sleep

– I don’t take vitamins supplements daily

– I don’t push myself enough with exercises, don’t gym my muscles

– I don’t eat enough fruits, not enough potassium/calcium intake

– Not enough friend & family time

– Not knowing my BP and other personal vital health information

….and the list goes on….

So, if the bible says 75yrs is the ripe age, does it mean if one continues like this, then one should expect to cease to exist at about 65/66years (now subtract the city carbon emissions and 9-5 stress and traffic and all the noise… LOL.. it isn’t funny!!)?

Ok, it’s just a call to better, healthier living. Things I take for granted would have to be taken seriously..

There’s nothing like good health…

I’d start taking breakfast and improving my diet and sleeping for at least 7hours daily (this is the difficult part) and improve on exercises (God help me.. to achieve all these – at least I’ll start a step-at-a-time)..

All the same, the idea is clear!! the message is clear!!

By knowing your body, you develop a base of knowledge that gives you the power and authority to preserve and strengthen your life.
~Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD, The YOU Docs


4 thoughts on “My Real Age..

    • Big LOL…. 8yrs, it was also funny to me though… i guess the not sleeping part and the skipping breakfast caused it.. 🙂
      Hw u doing man?

    • lol @ 8yrs..
      I’m fine.. thanks for checking! 😀 .. I’ve been trying to deal with that ‘female dog’ you talked about and another one called “very busy”…lol.. 😉

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