Just a week..

Just a week..and I’ve missed Ochuko’s Blog and I’ve missed blogging and I’ve also missed YOU!!

I’ve not posted in 6days or so..lol.. due to some little “heres and theres”… I’d try to explain – cos I owe you an explanation!! Yes, I DO!!

It all started with the expiration of my internet subscription and the scarcity of time to go renew it…

..then it worsened with the 9-5 project that I’ve been working on and the hapharzard lifestyle and the trying to be organized in the midst of all these…

..then it got deeper due to the fact that I wasn’t doing a lot of thinking and wasn’t resting well.. and I was also saddened by some unfolding events…

But that’s all history now – [make IΒ leave story for tortoise] LOL…

…but then the past days have also been filled with good news of safe deliveries of bouncing babies!! πŸ™‚

5 families I know of were blessed with beautiful baby girls… πŸ˜‰

This is saying a big congratulations to them!!

Your joys will know no boundaries…

Your children will grow in knowledge and stature; in wisdom and fear of God…

You shall not mourn over them…

Oluwa a ba yin keΒ omoΒ naa daadaa o!…

E ma jeun omo oooo…

E ku ewu omo ooooooooo…. πŸ˜€



16 thoughts on “Just a week..

  1. good for you bro……..at least u didn’t have to wait for almost 3 mnths before the internet was sorted unlike me last year…. hey.. how did you get your wordpress blog to display these widgets? currently migrating to wordpress meself… YNWA

  2. Haven’t been here before so I’m not sure if I should be saying welcome back.. but I’ll say it anyway…

    I’ve not heard those baby prayers in ages…!

  3. Amen ooo!

    Welcome back.

    5 baby girls ehn??? Ah, future bride price!! In this time of economic hardship, one needs to invest in children – female children to be precise. LOL

  4. missed ya too dude!

    aww sorry bout whatever u were saddened by..hope u r ok now?

    eeya congrats to the families and amen to ur prayers!

    uh..i assumed u were igbo cos of ur name..so u speak yoruba..coolies!

    • missed u too..
      lol.. not igbo..not yoruba.. πŸ™‚
      thanks 4d kind words, well it’s one of those things in life – that too will pass!

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