Easy Route to the Top…


"Easy climb - an alternative to wings" Title©Ochuko's Blog; Image©i.pbase.com

"Easy climb - an alternative to wings" Title©Ochuko's Blog; Image©i.pbase.com


Follow these simple steps for an easy alternative to top-up, recharge and add tremendous value to your life…

  1. Visit blogs and click on the subscribe via email links
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Confirm your email address via the link in the corresponding mail
  4. Start receiving and reading up people’s minds!!!

You are on!! It’s that simple!!

It’s an easy route to a better, successful lifenow that also depends on whose mind you are reading!!! ..lol..

Simple Tip:

Start with Ochuko’s Blogsubscribe here 🙂

then move on – in no particular order – to:


Rajesh Setty | Seth Godin | Ben Casnocha | Ramit Sethi | Hoehn’s

John Li’s | Ali’sBlog | Beplayful.org | Buttercup&Chari | Guy Kawasaki

Russell-Kelly| DannyBagucci | Blogoratti | Flygirl | Vera | Pharaz | Linda

Problogger | LagosMet | AfroWall | Addy Bardust | Canary Bird | Zukiswa

Sartorialist | Chahal | YPWR | Andrew Lynch | Lateral Action

Almostdailyexploits | Afrobabe | Naijagirl | Bombchell | KehindePopoola

Ideaconnection.com | Women’s Cafe | Funmi Iyanda | Sahara | IceQueen

Oyin | EroLyrics | Rethots | Fishbowldairies | H2O | RocNaija

 Olu.Scribe | Rougemanswitchedonnaija | Tigeress | Sturvs | Claire | Ezra 

and the list goes on…


(If I unintentionally omitted your blog, kindly post a comment with your URL :-)!! thanks…)


Let 6-Degrees-of-Seperation take over from here!!


Give yourself. Help others – In so doing, you help yourself!!

[Read The Free Theory…]

Cheers 😀


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