What Purpose?

Lots of people and books talk about living a purpose-driven life, knowing our purpose in life, etcetera.

But these people and books do not tell you specifically how to discover it and what this purpose is.

If you have discovered your purpose, can you kindly share?

I mean, if you know your exact purpose, please tell me:

  1. HOW you got to know
  2. WHAT this purpose is

I would love to know.

Expecting your replies…


24 thoughts on “What Purpose?

  1. ……………………….:-p!!!! i’m so happy to be back honestly!!!!!!
    hmmmmm!!!!! philosophically thinkin……………i hav always wanted to say that….or type that….lol!!!…………there’s different purposes for different things,the different places and situations one finds he/herself in

    • so happy to have you back too!!! missed your comments… :-p too! LOL
      your view makes a lot of sense in that there are different purposes; but sometimes, you perform a task and have a purpose for that task, you work based on that purpose and try to fulfill it—but still you feel so unfulfilled and empty…
      so I’m thinking isn’t there supposed to be some specific universal purpose, as people and books make us believe?

  2. Maybe its less a science than an art…. Methinks its more like finding the thing or things that you feel most aggrieved about, or most passionate about.. For some peeps its social justice, for some its family relationships… Try this book – Discover your SHAPE.. http://www.shapediscovery.com/

    • Hi JDB, hmmm from your view, what if today I feel passionate about cooking; tomorrow I could feel passionate about photography; the next day I feel passionate about selfless service and the next day romance, and the list goes on……
      that’s why I’d like to know your personal experience as regards this ‘purpose’, how you found yours and what it is?
      i’d check out that book–

      • I think activities flow out of a core set of beliefs, call it a core concept if you like — being passionate about photography, or selfless service or romance occurs in a context — people, institutions, wtever. I think the core concepts – define the purpose – the activites are only manifestations of them…. My idea would be find a common thread that ties all the stuff you are passionate together… Just my two cents.. I know for me its about making a difference with young people, challenging them to think, collaborate and contribute…….

  3. Not very many books tell yu how to arrive at yur purpose…..true
    Most of them want you to follow the things you are good at doing or passionate about, and then…….ta da
    My interpretation of purpose is whatever spurs you to action or makes you wanna live……..thats what purpose is. If you werent specifically watching out for it, you may miss out, without noticing.
    At this point, how do you get there? whatever drives you to do something …….thats your purpose. Take a stock of your life and see what has driven you at different times to do something, act in a specific manner or thik drastically about an issue.
    uhhhhhhhh, dont know if i’ve ended up confusing you *sighs*

    • Wow naijagirl, thanks for the insight!
      What if sex, sports, family, traveling are things an individual likes and spurs them to action, to me I think these things are normal motivators but don’t make a purpose — well I’m learning, thanks for the response!

      • sex, sports, family, travelling do not fall into my definition of purpose, but your purpose may fall within the 18 yard box. Purpose differ with individuals and it ought to bring a difference.

        maybe you shall be needing a “one on one” tutorial. you might wanna sign up before the class gets full……….jk

        • lol… i actually don’t like penalty kicks from the 18yard box!
          But I wouldn’t mind the ‘one-on-one’ to learn these kicks, i actually like closed trainings! ……………….jk

  4. I always feel bombed when i see this question cuz I still can’t put it into clear words but I certainly have an idea and a picture of it tho…

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  6. Purpose is a funny thing and i think can only be discovered my returning to God. We can talk about what our heart desires, but we all have fallen in and out of “love” thinking it was our heart leading us. We all have wanted to be some great profession as kids, but changed many years later because it was just a phase we were going through.

    If you want to know the TRUE purpose of an I Pod, you either look at the instruction manual or you get in contact with the manufacturer. If you want to know all the privileges of your new contract phone, you call customer service, not scratch your head pondering on it.

    Ultimately , it has once being said that whatever you love to do(productive activity) and you could do forever without getting can paid, can be seen as your purpose.


    What you can do with little effort, even if woken up in the middle of the night to do, can be your called your gift or purpose.

    A problem that bothers you out there in the world, it could be your purpose to solve that problem, through whatever gifts that you have.

    I dunno if i have answered the question, but i think i have said enough already.

  7. Discovering and understanding your purpose is a journey. Routes and experiences differ, if you are very passionate about discovering your purpose, I’ll recommend that you read Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It did help me and simplified some of the concepts around purpose that used to be so big and complex…

  8. Just finished a posting on what purpose means and found your blog with these comments. I really enjoyed what you all had to say. I agree with fseye that the concept around purpose are so big and complex that often times it seems like it is unobtainable. I have often felt as if our purpose in life is only to try to figure out our purpose. I know that is not true but many people believe there is no purpose to this life at all.

  9. Your question is a great one and there is no easy answer. Defining and pursuing your purpose is a process….not a destination. The process begins by asking and answering certain key questions which bring a certain level of clarity and allow you to take steps forward. Purpose reveals itself over time to those willing to discover it. Sounds like ancient chinese philosopy though I am neither chinese nor ancient! I have however, successfully defined the purpose of my life and my process began much like yours. Keep pressing forward!
    Can you find a sense of “big” purpose….absolutely! But it won’t be found in most of the books written on the subject.

    • Hi Dan, sorry 4d late response. I totally agree with your view. I guess we just have to live life like it matters..
      Nice blog you’ve got too! Cheers

  10. I too am and have been “In Search” of my purpose. What I do know about this topic is that everyone is born with a purpose. Some are fortunate to discover their purpose at a very young age. EXAMPLE: Jackie Evancho, the 10 year old discovered on America’s Got Talent. Her purpose is well exemplified, Her voice. To bring pleasure to others with her incredible gift.
    I also believe that not everyone’s purpose is one made for history books and legacy. As such a man or woman’s purpose might be to raise a close, loving family that can spread what they have learned onto others.

    Another theory I have is, our purpose is to finish or correct an issue from a previous life. Leading this theory to more questions such as fate and soul mates.

    So, short story long, maybe our purpose has to do with a combination of all these factors, maybe that’s where the “passion” comes in. Don’t really know but I do know I’m going to keep on looking, keep on reading and keep on trying til I find out.

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