The Handsome Face or The Bucks?

Who’s your ideal man?

I like it when the IT guys starts the wars of throwing apples and smashing windows – more like apples been thrown at windows – who suffers? the apple or the shattered window? or is it that the windows never break and the apples just falls back to its place?

I’m asking you. Who’s your man?

What prompted this post was this article – Read it here

Personally, I use a PC. but I would love to use a Mac. I use Microsoft Windows. but I would love to use the OS X.

Let me take an excerpt from one of the comments from the article’s link above, which I find funny, but I don’t totally agree with: 

“.. when you’re young, successful, and want to show it, you buy a cool car, a BMW, you buy a sexy computer, a Mac, and a phone that has it all.. an iPhone. When you’re not successful, you buy what you can afford, and you keep that old clunker of a car running as long as you care. A handsome face doesn’t carry you very far if you’re a man. Chicks dig the car, and they want to see expensive…  – Posted By M. Allen, New York City, NY : April 6, 2009 3:33 am”

What’s your take? Who’s the man? Who’s your man?

Vote here:

Your preferred OS :

Your preferred Box:

Have a great week ahead 😀


PC vs Mac

PC vs Mac


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