The Chicken Theory!!


The theory

the theory


I just couldn’t hold it any longer, so I decided to share it. That’s what blogging does to you..

He had a dream. He was called a chicken in the dream. He felt embarrased. He complained when he arose in the morning – as he always does everyday – complain. He’s even called a chicken in real life.

He was pecking away at chops in the dream. He was crushing rocks and corns. Yet they referred to him as a chicken. Toothless. They said he had no action like the others – like the cows and cowboys.

He kept complaining – and coveting the cows and the cowboys, and felt he was just what he was – a chicken!!

Just before he woke up, he heard a loud voice saying:

A chicken eats corn, swallows pebbles yet she complains of having no teeth. Would she rather eat gold? Let her ask the cow that has teeth yet eats grasses.

Oro abo la so fun omoluabi, t’oba de inu a di odidi


11 thoughts on “The Chicken Theory!!

  1. hmmm…murmuring, grumbling, complaining…we humans are so used 2 it all, forgetting that no matter our situation, we are still better off than some other people, n should be grateful instead…thanx Ochux..

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  3. ,,,,,,,chicken run……the 3d movie……Mrs tweedle used to say “chicken don’t plot, they don’t scam,(or somthing) they are not ORGANISED!! yet they managed to build a plane, fly it and also destroy the chicken farm

    thanks for the food for thot!

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