it springs forth from inner sources with

waters crystal and pure yet on the surface

where they drank from did they not see?

that it was on edge? the pond a mirage?

that the Fountain was also thirsty?


The past few days have been filled with trials and temptations… but God has been there all the way.

My prayer for us all for the week: We shall not mourn! We shall live long and in good health. Surely, our lines have fallen to us in pleasant places.

Indeed our heritage is beautiful to us.




18 thoughts on “Thirsty…

  1. 2nd. “…the fountain was also thirsty”, deep thinking.

    But keep this faith, there shall be no loss, for in all these, we are more than conquerors.

  2. He will not let something bigger than you come to you, and if he brought you to it, he will bring you through it. I pray for strength for you

    • Dear Naijagirl, thanks so much for the encouraging words… have a great week. ve miss’d ur spot dis short whiley – naijagirl style! 😀

    • Yes, we need to use every medium to speak of God’s faithfulness inspite of our unfaithfulness.. Have a great week. cheers 🙂

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