Did I go AWOL? No. Far from it…

Ok.. Ok.. Yes, I’m sorry I din’t tell you I was leaving… But who tells?

Who even knows? It always happens suddenly…

Anybody can suddenly go out… seize to be present… a sudden exit !!

Anybody can just go AWOL!!

It isn’t entirely anybody’s fault that nobody knows… that nobody can tell the hour anybody would leave…

All anybody needs to go AWOL is to take a short dash out the door – without telling nobody… 

Oh yes, a short dash seperating presence from absence… birthday from deathday

Nobody knows when Anybody would go AWOL…

Truth is Nobody has the authority to give Anybody the permission to be absent in the first place… Nobody would even want Anybody absent!!

So, it all happens suddenly without Nobody giving Anybody any official leave of absence.

We are mere mortals. Always remember that.


Yeahhh it feels so good to be back after the short, eventful, ‘life-lessons-full’, stressful 1week away from blogging and blogsville

Some few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a post by Naijagirl. Powerful post (read it here)…

Plus I need to catch up with what’s been happening.. so, I’m off to your blog!!!…………. (what? you haven’t opened one yet? you’re not gay yet??? lol)

All the best..  Cheers 😀


10 thoughts on “AWOL?

  1. hahahah, Ochuko, stop confusing everybody when nobody has done anything to anybody. Glad to have you back and thanks for the recognition
    BSNC, thanks for the recognition

    • I wasn’t trying to confuse anybody.. was just trying to express my mind about death.. cos I came close to seeing it during the short break… we thank God for life and living.. U welcome.. enjoy your week 🙂

    • You think so? These words weren’t ‘wasted’ on death for nothing…
      It does happen..and sudden too!!
      have a great week man!! 🙂

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