This is just a quick post to enlighten people especially Nigerians on the importance of safeguarding their financial information especially ATM card, account number and PIN information.

There is this fraudulent phishing mail going round pretending to be the Original Interswitch company. 

I just got one of such mails and further investigation revealed the following:

1. It is a Fraudulent email that got to my inbox. It came from vietnamese email address:

From <A9> InterSwitch Nigeria Limited Wed Apr 29 11:23:15 2009 Return-Path: <>

2. The Reply-To address is totally different and the link in the mail leads to a FAKE interswitch site:

Reply-To: <> From: “<A9> InterSwitch Nigeria Limited”<> Subject: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Upgrade Your ATM Card Details: April 29 2009 Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 19:23:15 +0100

Fake Link:

3. In the content of the mail, there is a link where you are asked to validate your ATM card details. PLEASE DO NOT click on this link as it is a referral link to a FAKE interswitch site  and DO NOT fill out any forms. Contact your BANK before doing so.

A lot of people have been hurt with phishing mails like this. Please do not fall victim. Be wise. Do not give out your Bank/ATM card information. Protect your PIN.

More information on:

ATM fraud:



7 thoughts on “BEWARE…

    • I hardly read them too, but recently, a lot of people have been falling for this cheap scam and it’s hurting them so bad…

  1. thanks for doing this Ochuko…I received one of such mails about 2 weeks ago n immediately contacted my banker, who told me not to respond to it cos it’s a SCAM in capital letters…lol.

  2. Technically, people should learn not to give out their information through emails. I receive such mails from bank of america and uhhh…..its just another mode of email scamming

  3. Thanks for the heads up. i don’t even look at those mail, not to talk of reading or filling the form

    have a lovely week

  4. Thanks man,
    It is nice that you enlighten folks about what those fraudsters are up to.
    Also, if you notice in that mail, the interswitch logo is not genuine. it wasn’t created rather it was scanned.


    • You right. It’s just that a lot of people are being cleared daily. I believe with constant security education, people would be more careful.

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