About Broomsticks..

It’s May 1. Happy Labour Day or is it International Workers Day?

According to a Wikipedia article, May Day can refer to various labour celebrations conducted on May 1 that commemorate the fight for the eight hour day..

The day is synonymous struggles, strikes or protests. Labour no doubt is one of the factors of production. It is what keeps the world going. It’s been there since God created Adam to tender to the beautiful garden of Eden.

Taking a cue from the assignment given to Adam by God, one could draw up some lessons, one of which I will summarize into these words:

“Don’t aim/ask for broomsticks. Aim/ask for responsibilities”

When you are given broomsticks to do your job or when you ask for broomsticks to do your job, you are limited to sweeping the floor – and when grasses grow on the ground, your broomsticks are useless, then you get frustrated when you can’t solve the challenge in front of you… then you vent your anger on the government, your children, your employers, yourself, God, your country, and your co-workers. Though this problem isn’t entirely the labourers’ fault. The employers take part of the blame too – they hand over broomsticks to the labourers and expect a forest to be cleared in return…

Wouldn’t you rather ask for/handover the responsibility of tidying the garden? Just like God did to Adam? So if you encounter grasses, you use a lawn mower. If you need to dig up the ground, you use a hoe.

Just a thought. I might be wrong. Isn’t it?


10 thoughts on “About Broomsticks..

  1. Hey Ochuko..thanks so much for all the ‘checking-up-on-mes’..lol..I really appreciate it. I’ll be back to catch up..hope u r good?

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