Am I naked?

Is he Naked? Why din’t you tell him?

Why doesn’t the emperor know he is naked?

Ok, look at me and tell me: Am I naked?

What? I am? Then why din’t you say it all this while?

[Or is nakedness in the eye of the beholder?

Do we see nakedness differently?]

Sir, We did tell you… but you still pretended you had clothes on!!

You ‘held your head up high’. You din’t want to look stupid.

But it’s totally unfair!!!

It’s unfair to leave the emperor to his stupidity.

It’s unfair to keep mute when I go wrong.ย 

It’s unfair to keep the truth away from me – especially my nakedness!!

But we din’t keep mute. We told you sir… Maybe you din’t listen sir…

Sir, maybe It’s not also fair to stick to your stupidity.

OK, I’ve heard all you said. I’ll change.

So, please don’t hesitate to tell me when next I am naked. Will you?


A thousand people cannot undress a naked person.~ Greek Proverb

He who is covered with other peopleโ€™s clothes is naked.~ Tunisian Proverb

Common sense is not common. ~ Unknown


11 thoughts on “Am I naked?

  1. nice 1…the way I see it; often times we do try to correct/help the other person when we perceive they r going wrong or r “naked” but they just don’t want to hear it/have been conditioned not to hear it…

    Other times, we want to reach out but are scared of “the emperor’s” reaction…will he take it well? would he understand that I’m doing this bcos I LOVE him? etc…

    What if I’ve told him he’s naked several times? Do I keep telling him, or just mind my business?…

    • I understand what you’re saying. Sometimes, it could be difficult correcting people when they are wrong, but I feel we all need to keep trying and exhaust every method including prayers too. God also plays a key role here.

      As for me, please keep telling me and also try reaching out to me when I go wrong,’naked’ and ‘blind’… I’ve opened myself up ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. hhahaha Ochuko, you are so silly. this is a nice piece; couldnt help laughing over it.

    you are naked when you wear other people’s clothes?….then i guess almost every one of us is naked cos the clothes on our back are made by others…innit?

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