Bill Gates a maniac?

Dear Bill Gates,

You are obviously successful. I watched your talk on TED regarding your Foundation initiatives on health and education. I visited your Foundation website and read your annual letter. I was 2 or 3 pages into the letter when I stopped to ponder on one word. A word you used twice in 2 pages.

the word? Maniacal(ly)

Why are you so in love with this word?

I want to believe that words like this summarizes who you are and what you stand for – I guess.

The first usage: “I felt I belonged in the software business, having thought about the engineering and the business possibilities maniacally from age 13.” 

The second usage: “However, I am equally confident that our maniacal focus on drawing in the best talent and measuring results will make a difference.”

Could this mean that you live and work with excessive enthusiasm and obsession? Or could it be that you are so widely disordered, as in ‘insane’? more like you neither follow the rules, the crowd nor status quo?

Could it be that this is what it takes for us to get to such heights as you have attained, in our career and life?

Do we have to live maniacally?

I wouldn’t await your response. I’d try to live maniacally or maybe with more passion and see if it’d make any difference in my life.

Happy maniacal weekend people.

Cheers 🙂


7 thoughts on “Bill Gates a maniac?

  1. hahaha, Ochuko you no go kill me. One you say you wont wait for his reply….I am glad for that. 2, you want to become a maniac and have turned my weekend into a maniacal weekend.

    What works for Joe may not work for Peter. You can make a difference where you are without having to be a maniac. I recall in high school where I tried as much as possible to emulate one of my classmates who was unusually quiet… was unfortunate that when I became quiet like that, people start asking me if i was ill or angry or something of that nature. I learned to be myself.
    I bet you Bill gates did not become a maniac until after he was celebrated. I bet you he did not think he was a maniac until someone used it on him. I bet you he probably didnt know he would be as big as he is today.

    • hahaha, Naijagirl. Sure I agree with you, but you know we all need a measure of passion and some ‘insanity’. Plus I agree with you on Bill Gates not knowing he would be as big as he is now. Thanks. 🙂

    • well helping the economy is a collective thing. Bill din’t invent money neither did he invent wall-street/financial fraudulent systems (though his inventions aided this.. LOL).

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