Dear Ochuko


Dear Ochuko,

This is to wish you a very happy birthday.

May God bless you and keep you.

May His face shine upon you and give you peace.

Wish you the best things in Life and more.

Love ya.

From Ochuko’s Blog


15 thoughts on “Dear Ochuko

  1. oh dear, dear, Ochuko! Happy birthday to u…n amen to all those prayers…have a truly fulfilling new year…u r blessed…I’d like me a piece of that cake pls…

  2. FLY
    A DAY to be proud of your achievements
    A Day to move on to greater things,leave the past behind
    HERE is wishing you a memorable one!

    Have a good one bro!

  3. Happy birthday ochuko. May God continue to add more years to your life. have a nice one and abeg don’t forget my cake oo

  4. @LG, thanks so much for the wishes. God bless. Please find attached your takeaway.. lol 🙂

    @JustDoyin, thanks a bunch for the warm wishes. Thanks always and God bless. Your e-cake should be on the way soon. How is everything? 🙂

    @LovePaprika, thanks for showing so much love with your sincere wishes. I really appreciate. Trust your day was great. God bless you.

    @blogoratti, you are so hot! Thanks for da wishes and the heads up.. Keep being in charge! 😉

    @chayoma, thanks for the song.. your voice is so beautiful.. i can feel every bit of it.. Cheers 🙂

    @BSNC, thank you for the prayer. May you life be long and prosperous too. I’m sure you received your cake.. Cheers 🙂

  5. awww, now I know why all thegood things were happening today. my one and only Ochuko….happy birthday and may all your dreams come true, so dream plenty plenty.

    ok enough, uhm, i like that cake up there….make you kukuma send my own

    • @naijagirl, thanks plenty plenty, as per the dream don’t worry Joseph will be jealous sef.. lol.. just click on the cake and have your share too.. 🙂 Cheers and have a great day.

  6. Ochuko,
    Though a bit late, do accept my sincere apology!
    It is my prayer that that 4 every candle on ur cake u get a wonderful surprise.
    Happy Birthday!

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