Back to Basics…

The past few days have been quite busy.. was engaged in so much activity that I couldn’t do anything blogging!!

While the buzyness smoke was going on, I was able to do some soul searching and critical thinking.

One lesson I learnt was simply:

Know the basics.

In case you skipped the basics, all you need to do is to simply

“Go back to the basics”

Think about it. It is a loaded statement. It covers every aspects of life.

I’m off to some basics… oops!! I actually meant a lot of basics!!!…

…and it may take a while…



12 thoughts on “Back to Basics…

  1. so true. I am taken my driving tests this weekend. Didn’t make it the last time cos i refused to read the drivers manual…in that case I skipped the basics.

  2. hahaha, ah Ochuko. It sounds a lot like the words in the employee handout of one of the US departmental stores; have a wonderful weekend

  3. Funny thing is, I HAVE been thinking about the basics all week, and you are right about it being ‘loaded’.
    Go back to the basics -it might change your life’s perspective!!!
    Nice one bro. Happy weekend!

  4. @Tairebabs, very good example.. Back to basics : read the manual.. I would be talking about my journey on “back to basics” out.

    @BSNC, yeah it does make a lotta sense

    @naijagirl, hmm really? and the workers read them manuals?

    @blogoratti, happy weekend man, thanks. Sorry not been able to visit your space. I’d hurry there soon. Cheers mate.

    @justdoyin, we all do then.. have a gr8 weekend, plus i’m loving the new look of your blog. You’re doing a gr8 job 🙂

    @Vera, why not? if you want to, you’re free!!!.. lol…

    • @Tigeress, I agree, it’s a very sensible thing. Sincerely thank you for coming around and commenting. You’re always welcome.

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