Conception and Birth

“The power of conception outweighs the power of birth” – Ekene Agabu.

This guy wrote a powerful note on Facebook that has caught everyone’s attention especially the ladies… most especially the men… (you all should read that note and share with others)

I went through the note and must confess that it’s life changing. One powerful sentence struck me in the note: “The power of conception outweighs the power of birth

Can this be true? I think so…

How else can we explain the birth of Jesus Christ’s without talking about the immaculate conception?

How else can we explain great innovations without talking about the concepts/ideas?

Can we give birth without conceiving?

How did we all get here? How did the universe come into life without the Creator’s grand concept/masterplan?

To conceive is to create; to become pregnant; the process of fertilization; to invent; to have faith; to form [from nothing];

The power of conception can only come from GOD.

Are we exploiting that power?

(: .ʇı ǝǝs ı ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ s,ʇı


6 thoughts on “Conception and Birth

  1. first of all FIRST!! :-)!!
    never really thot of it tho….
    sometimes we don’t exploit the power fully
    ignorance…….the lack of knowledge is the cause

    • @flygirl, first of all, take the crown!!! Totally deserved. 🙂
      Yeah we are sometimes ignorant.. especially me.. but it’s good we now know and are trying to use it well… hope u read that write-up?

      (plus you can hold on to the crown!)

  2. Yes most people have shared that note already on blogger. Its very powerful indeed,,

    I never actually thought about it too. You and naijagirl always give me something to really think about.. You know you guys should hook up and give birth to great thinker and……. whoa whoa where did that come from…( just kidding oo)

    Seriously though, those are really good questions..

    • @BSNC, yeah it’s a good note.. On your second paragraph, I no see wetin you type well well ooo, maybe it isn’t legible enough!! LOL 😀
      Thanks 🙂

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