Nigeria’s Problem… (1)



This was taken from a Facebook thread… read and add your comments!

DV says the odoriferous state of infrastructure in Nigeria is as a result of the cataclysmic scale of the loving neglect and patient mismanagement by these self aggrandizing, narcissistic and inherently selfish nature of these washed- out, nay-saying, demented, vomit-inducing, perpetually recycled old ruins we call politicians

Ochuko says I beg to disagree. The last word there shouldn’t be politicians, but rather NIGERIANS. We are selfish. We are corrupt!! Take it or leave it. Don’t blame it on the politicians. The politicians are us – our friends, our neighbours, our fathers, our cousins, our children, us, Nigerians…It begins with YOU!!!

MaryJane says I’m of d opinion that we’re really only as good as the politicians/rulers we’v got…we disobey traffic laws, bribe policemen, inflate invoices @ work 2 get a lil extra, help our wards cheat @ school, dnt pay NEPA bills, bad mouth our selves… we’r all corrupt n leadership is only a true reflection of what the general populace is…d fight for corruption begins @ our doorsteps, in our homes…we’r losing our values, morals…cheating is re-christianed as ‘being smart’…the change process must begin 4rm our hearts, n d time is NOW!!!

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14 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Problem… (1)

  1. The problem does not lie with the politicians – they are only doing what majority of Nigerians do, just on a much bigger scale. We as a NATION are corrupt, we want to get past not paying taxes, jumping queues, bribing. So although we may argue that we need to do these things to make our lives easier and that all these are minor in comparison to what the politicians do, we are still CORRUPT!

    • @AJ, thanks for the comment and for coming around.
      I think I tend to agree with you on the corruption part. We need to start changing ourselves and become selfless. We need to be more patriotic too. We all make up the system ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. we blame our leaders, but follow in those very footsteps. How do we expect to get rid of the corruption if we don`t start eradicating it from our very homes….

  3. big big grammar…..e dey give me headache for early mo mo….make una dey break this grammar for people wey go to night school like us.

    • @Naijagirl, the grammar give me plenty headache too.. sorry I had to put you guys through this… all the same, no be only you go night school ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Spot on. As a recent returnee, I have vowed to do my best by positively influencing rather than conforming. However, I must add that we are very very few. In fact extremely few and it is a worrying thought…..

    well done. I like this.

  5. @babajide….you will be surprised to find the number of people willing to do something, but they need someone to kickstart it for them….have met such people.

    its high time we stopped blaming and talking….and started acting

  6. rightly said we are a bunch of extremely selfish people…………we could spend 10years thinkin about ourselves b4 ever noticin there’s a person next to us…….whether in need of material stuff or just a smile
    we very much need to begin by ridding ourselves of the selfish canal nature…………….and very much so charity begins at home

  7. I agree with u Ochuko…it’s not solely the politicians, cos they r as u say; our fathers, mothers, brothers, etc…the problem is ALL of us as individuals…we need a thorough mindset regeneration and cleansing of our thought systems…

  8. nigeria’s number one problem is overpopulation. overpopulation is the cause of all the other problems. nigeria is a very rich country but yet 70% of its people live in severe poverty. imagine having one small bread for 20 people. for these people to survive the believe they have to fight for the bread, that why greed is soo common. i dont blame greedy people, its their only chance of survival. but its not an escuse for polititians though

    • @lola, Overpopulation is a challenge. I agree. However, India, China, Brazil all have huge population. The difference is that there is a plan in place. There is a commitment to nation building to national success to nation protection to economic progress and growth. In these countries, these plans have been on ground for the past 20years or more and it’s been followed strictly. There’s a system. The populace understands the basic problems and are ready to achieve this.
      However, Nigerians don’t just understand. We don’t just understand…. a whole lotta things. It’s complex, but we all need to start breaking things down, starting from ourselves, our homes, our children, etc… So you’re right about overpopulation (infact, the average couple would want to give birth to 4kids or more… most don’t even know about family planning). Overpopulation is still caused by Nigerians who get married and give birth ‘randomly’ and overpopulate Nigeria.

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