The Rewards Theory


Cast your mind back to the months or weeks preceding the naija bloggers’ awards.

There was a boom in blogville. New blogs came up. I got to meet lots of bloggers. I made friends, networked, read quality, hilarious and life changing posts. I was motivated. It was a great period.

I had just started blogging, but I could feel the warmth, the energy, the family, the motivation…

The success of blogville will always have a connection to those awards (at least in my mind).

As humans, we expect rewards for our acts or services. These rewards could come in different forms.

Reward is a motivator. Reward reinforces. It strengthens. It approves. It is a honour. We all need it even if you don’t acknowledge the fact that you need it.

Truth is, reward is a good thing. It is very natural to need rewards. It keeps us going.

Reward comes in different forms. It doesn’t have to be huge. It’s just:

A little “thank you“.  A little hug.  A little kiss.  A little apology– “I’m sorry.  A warm handshake or holding of hands.

A little bonus.  A little extra.  A little “checking up on you“.  A little donation.  A beautifully crafted SMS.  A quick “flashing“.

A little scolding.  A little explanation.  A little mentoring and guidance.  A little treat.  A little acknowledgment.

An authentic smile.  A little acceptance.  And the rewards list go on…

…and you’d have changed a generation… and you’d have injected energy into humanity… and you’d have saved a life!!

Reward others. Be rewarded.

Have a great week 😀


10 thoughts on “The Rewards Theory

  1. as little as “I am sorry”. I am sorry have sent many women/men packing from their homes. I am sorry have broken many relationships–Just those three small words “I am sorry”.

    Nice post Ochuko. Have a wonderful weekend

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