I’ll Report to Twitter & FB!!!

30min is too long?

“I’ll report you on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and wotnot…”

Those were the exact words of Mr. Customer after a bad time with his service provider.

Mr Customer knows his rights. He is well armed. He can send signals to thousands or even millions in an minute. He has the power.

He is to be pampered. Give him quality customer service and he’ll use his power to your advantage. He’ll spread you. He’ll spread your business.

Treat him like he don’t matter and you’ll get the exact opposite to your disadvantage. He’ll arm your business and maybe, you.

Strive to make Mr. Customer happy.

Give him the best. He is King.


11 thoughts on “I’ll Report to Twitter & FB!!!

  1. Oddly enough, I once blurted out to a VerizonWireless rep that I wanted his clarification on an issue so I could share it with many of those I was discussing with on Twitter and his attitude changed immediately.

    Social networks have definitely given consumers more bargaining power and I appreciate Sites like Twitter and FB because you can do a very quick survey of fellow consumers when necessary. Unfortunately, these sites can also be abused to the detriment of not just big business but us normal folks as well. Nevertheless, web 2.0 is here to stay and we all have to find the way to make the best of use of it. And, big business is learning that much quicker than I expected.

    Nice post.

  2. lmao!!! isn’t it always much more easier to treat the customer right so he/she can go away with no nasty glares or words exchanged
    some businesses n peeps jus don’t get it!!!

  3. lol. social networks have really changed a lot of things. Just yesterday, someone told me he wished FB would start charging “pay as you go”.

    I wonder if that threat from the customer would work in a nation like naija. it would be like pouring water on stone. Having received some shoddy customer service from naija entrepreneurs or their workers, I always wonder if they forgot that the “customer is king” as you put it.

    If you are nice to your customers—they come back, sometimes not cos of your products but cos of your attitude.

  4. @Everyone, I’m sincerely sorry for the late response.

    @Blogoratti, sure s/he is king 🙂

    @Justdoyin, thanks. How’re you doing? Enjoy your week

    @Solomonsydelle, you are so right. things are definitely changing, though the abuse of these media against individuals can be very devastating.. Thanks for the comment.

    @flygirl, lol.. businesses can use these media to their advantage

    @Buttercup, true. customers can be quite frustrating, but as a business that needs the customer, you should just soak it all up (though not in all circumstances though… discretion is important here)

    @Naijagirl, i agree. most times, we need to put passion and some emotions into customer service. naija is not always a good case-study.. lol..

    @LusciousRon, that’s it!! the way to go 🙂 thanks

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