Nigeria for Dummies


Tairebabs has a post on SONY’s big insult on Nigeria and Nigerians. See post.

Why would they make such reckless and irresponsible statement?

This post and subsequent ones that follow are for ignoramuses who need to be educated with facts and REALITY, see below.

1. In 2008, Nigeria’s GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) was $338,100,000,000 only behind the likes of EU, US, Saudi Arabia, Canada, etc… and the 2009 estimates are looking good… proof

2. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous country in the world, and with a population of over 150 million it is the most populous ‘black’ country in the world… [translate that in monetary terms]

3. Nigeria is listed among the “Next Eleven” economies… proof

4. Nigeria has a very solid labour force…  proof

5. Over 68 million mobile phone users… [can’t you just see opportunities?]

6. Huge Oil and Gas reserves… [no need for proofs]

7. Just 49 years old. Huge growth potentials. Guess how old the US, UK or dear old China is?

8. Nigeria is Secure. Yes secure. See list of countries prone to terrorist attack.

9. Low debt profile compared to other countries… proof

Do a google search on “Huge frauds” and you would not see any reference to ‘NIGERIA’ in the first few pages. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Add to this list. Talk positive. Clean things up. Blog about Nigeria. Let the world know. Bury the negatives where they belong – six feet down.

I refuse to hear, feel, see, think or do negative!!


6 thoughts on “Nigeria for Dummies

  1. After publishing this post, the first auto-generated related posts was alarming “Nigeria is still the most corrupt country in the world”… With these sort of headlines and negative media, how would we gain respect? how would we clean things up?…

    However, take a look at the last auto-generated related posts “Guiness’ success highlights opportunity in Nigeria”.. Can you see the difference?

    We need to give the world more of the positives.

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