#lightupnigeria series

LightUpNigeria is a movement which has arisen out of necessity in reaction to the current problem with power supply in Nigeria. The movement aims to highlight the problems caused by the lack of constant power supply in Nigeria and raise awareness of the situation globally. Through the awareness raised by this movement, it is highly anticipated that the current policy or policies governing the generation, distribution and transmission of power via the national grid service in Nigeria will be reviewed and reformed. According to the website, it is not a political campaign or organization, and every Nigerian is encouraged to get involved!!

In my own way of getting involved, I’m putting together some crude light photography series, which I hope would add value in my little way to the #lightupnigeria movement. We want light. We need light. We want to SEE!! We are NOT the city of the blind!!

Click on the pics to view. Enjoy. πŸ™‚


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