The Cute Book…

17 secrets

I came home 2days ago to find a cute little book in the house.
It was orange, colourful and well designed. It caught my attention immediately.

“17 secrets of high flying students” was the title. It was written by Fela Durotoye.

The book as the title goes is written for students. However, after taking a quick glance through the pages of the book, I quickly found out that the book is not only good for students, but for everyone who wants to succeed andΒ  strive for excellence in whatever they do.

Throughout the book, the author tried to share secrets and principles that try to deliver excellence in academic pursuits. The author helps readers understand these principles through the use of stories of individuals who have used these principles or secrets to achieve excellent results.

Secrets like the laws of decision, foresight, motivation, reward, prioritization, concentration, reputation, consistency, admiration, sacrifice, affection, focus, retention, hindsight, self-discovery, appreciation and supernatural are all well laid out beautifully in an easy to read and direct manner.

I strongly recommend this book for every student (primary to secondary to higher institutions) – get one for your kids or siblings or for any kid out there – orphanages, etc.

Project RAISE is in charge of this and they have a mission to put this book into the hands of 12million children.

I was lucky to chat up with the author and immediately sought permission to put this up on Ochuko’s blog, which he obliged. [In the spirit of finding something good and sharing it with others]

I feel this is a good thing to support. This is a good book to read. This could help us avoid the “44th position” challenge.

For more information, visit and

To our success and those of our future leaders.


Ochuko πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “The Cute Book…

  1. This little book sounds wonderful and I support the mission. I will get a copy for each of my grandchildren and take a peek before I gift wrap them.

    12 million children? Oh how the world needs this right now. With the holidays coming the timing is perfect!

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