Are Miracles Real?

These are my views on miracles:

Miracles can be divine or man-made.

Doctors and medicines are miracles.

Divine miracle will step in where man-made miracles are ineffective.

If you have a headache, you don’t need a divine miracle to get well. All you need is the miracle called paracetamol or another miracle known as rest/sleep.

If you have an incurable disease, you can seek divine miracle through prayers. This will work because there is no known solution yet for that incurable disease.

There are miracles like Penicillin or antibiotics for bacterial infections, or chloroquine for malaria. These are man-made. However, since there’s no man-made cure for deafness, dumbness, blindness or lameness yet, a prayer of faith will make a divine miracle take place. If you are at the early stages of diabetes, miracles like reduction in sugar intake and diet management can help.

Since there’s no known cure for HIV yet, one can seek and get a divine miracle. However, there are also preventive miracles for HIV and other STDs called abstinence and the condom miracle.

Family planning is another miracle.

Our friends, family and neighbours are miracles.

The fact that you can think, pray, cry, laugh and the fact that you are even privileged to be alive is a miracle.

Miracles are real. They are everywhere. I believe in Miracles.

What’s your view?

The miracle called Penicillin for bacterial infections.. or chloroquine for malaria..these are man-made. Since there’s no man-made cure for deafness, dumbness, blindness or lameness yet, a prayer of faith will make God intervene. If you have a small headache, take paracetamol. If you are at the Read Moreearly stages of diabetes, reduce your intake of sugar and manage it with diet…or another way you can look at it is since there’s no cure for HIV yet, GOD will intervene if one prays with faith… else prevent HIV by using the miracle called abstinence or the condom miracle.

9 thoughts on “Are Miracles Real?

  1. oh well, nice post but miracle by definition is An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God…definition from a dictionary.
    i dont think miracles should be something that happens everyday.nice write up though.

  2. A friend and I just talked about this same topic less than an hour ago! I believe that miracles do and can occur and sometimes a miracle undergoes a transformation from the ‘supernatural’ to the ‘mundane’ after some time. E.g An airplane was a miracle when it was first wheeled out by the Wright brothers now its just another piece of machinery! But Id classify this a human miracle just my taxonomy!
    A God given miracle is one that defies the boundaries of the limits of our knowledge and one we cannot and will never be able to explain for example how does a woman with stage IV Breast Ca and pathologic fractures in both femur suddenly get up from what was supposed to be her death bed!
    Before I write a thesis let me escape…Nice one!

  3. @justdoyin, u r very correct. maybe i should av put it that the ‘man-made’ miracles are divinely inspired. this article was written to encourage people esp in these parts of the world to seek readily available divinely inspired man-made solutions to their problems instead of waiting for another ‘divine’ miracle. lives will be saved this way. another way to look at it: if your 2yrs old son swallows a needle, what i would suggest is to carry him urgently to the hospital and back it up with prayer.

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