Clutters: How to unclutter your life (1)

TIP 1: Focus on your strengths

We spend so much time focusing on our weaknesses and trying to improve our lives based on improving on our weaknesses.  Fact is, we all have strengths too. Focus on those strengths. Do what you love over and over and pretty soon you will be so good at it.
Stop trying to develop on your weakness. Instead, partner with someone very UNlike you, share the work and share the wealth and everyone’s happy.
It’s a natural process we need to harness. For example, man & woman. 🙂
[Tip1 inspired by Marti Barletta, who is a speaker, consultant and author of Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women]

5 thoughts on “Clutters: How to unclutter your life (1)

  1. The message i have gotten today. Stop focusing on my weakeness, continue building your strength. I like that : )

    Ochuko how have you been though?

  2. @BSNC, it’s a solid lesson. I’m doing fine, have missed your spot. Trust you and yours are doing great! Ve a nice day.

    @Olufunke, yeah focusing less on our weaknesses sort of relieves us of a non-obvious heavy burden. Have a pleasant day.

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