Sides to a coin

Sides of a coin


There are more than 2 sides of a coin. 3 sides to be precise.

The 2 opposing sides and the real side.

Use this analogy in almost everything (including arguments.. lol).

For example:

I have my opinion, you have yours, have you considered God’s?



7 thoughts on “Sides to a coin

  1. @kseverny, thanks a bunch.
    @Jaycee, tnx 4 d comment. how u doing today? do av a gr8 week.
    meanwhile, feel free to share, print, etc… and you could subscribe to receive emails of these post, especially the blackboard series, by signing up on the link to the right.

  2. it’s so easy to limit ourselves to the ‘set-in-stone’ kind of things we hav been taught….or learned…
    jus because everyone says there are two sides to a coin we limit our seeing and thinking, then keep it that way s-i-s
    there’s 3 sides to a coin length, width and depth

    i’m learning from the O.B.B!!![uncode]

  3. @flygirl, thanks & lol @ OBB.. i couldn’t have decoded that rightly :). [i think blackboard is just ok :).. i’m learning a lot from it too.]
    @justdoyin, true talk. It really changes the way we view and do things.

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